Chimney Cleaning Fairfax VA


What Other Services can you Get from a Chimney Cleaning Company in Fairfax, VA?

Do you need to get your chimneys cleaned, and have decided to hire a chimney cleaning company in Fairfax, VA to do them? Might you also need other work done around your home and are wondering if the same service can do it?
If so, here are some of the other services a chimney cleaning company in Fairfax, VA can often do. Services that will leave your home running smoothly and looking nice.
Chimney cleaning -- This is, of course, the service most chimney sweeps are known for. They come to your home, clean your chimneys and make sure they are completely free of debris.
Cleaning your gutters -- Did you also know that some chimney sweepers in Fairfax also offer gutter cleaning services?
That means they can finish your chimneys then climb back up onto your roof to make sure your gutters are clean of debris like leaves, litter and dirt as well. Thus making your gutters drain properly, and making sure you do not develop a leaking roof.
Cleaning your dryer vent -- In order for your dryer to run efficiently and well, you will need to have your dryer vent free of debris like lint and dust.
A chimney sweep company in Fairfax will often clean your dryer vent as well. They come to your home, remove the pipe from the dryer and clean out the pipe and the vent. They then replace the pipe and the dryer will run much cleaner from then on.
Pressure wash your outside walls -- If you have stains on your outside walls from bird poop, tar or oil, tree sap or any other environmental contaminant, a chimney cleaning fairfax va can come to your home and pressure wash your walls for you.
All the stains will be removed, and your home will look like it has just been built.
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